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Polsono Mobile Ultrasound offers professional diagnostic ultrasound solutions for your office, clinic, nursing home, or hospital.

We are a privately owned healthcare company established to serve the needs of local medical practices and nursing homes.

If you are like most physicians, improving your facility's bottom line is a major objective year after year. Polsono Mobile Ultrasound helps you generate new revenue streams for your medical office by providing the very finest in diagnostic ultrasound imaging. If you currently send your patients to a clinic or hospital for ultrasound imaging, we can help you keep that revenue in your business.

Our professional staff is specialized in advanced imaging systems providing your nursing home, office, or clinic with a cost effective and convenient solution to your ultrasound needs. Our goal is to improve your ability to offer a professional and affordable diagnostic service directly to your patients.

Our team is dedicated to providing your nursing home or private practice with accurate and quality examinations. Our imaging services utilize the latest digital technology and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Polsono's RDMS registered and certified sonographers specialize in a complete range of diagnostic imaging procedures. We utilize the latest mobile ultrasound technology to equip doctors with the ability to diagnose their patients more accurately.

We specialize in a variety of ultrasounds examinations including: general, cardiac, vascular, and OB. Please refer to the full list under Services.

We are available Monday – Saturday by appointment, as our services are required, or according to a predetermined schedule.

We accept all insurance carriers including MEDICARE. 


At Polsono, we realize that the equipment we use impacts the quality of images that we supply for diagnosis. Our commitment to provide doctors and patients with the highest quality diagnostic imaging requires us to invest in the best mobile ultrasound technology. Our ultrasound equipment includes Sonosite's Titan and M-Turbo machines which are fitted with all available transducers for specialized exams. (i.e. endovaginal probe)

Our machines are equipped with Dicom PACS Software which allows our services to be completely digital and paperless. This latest digital diagnostic technology gives us the ability to digitally send our studies to reading radiologists as soon as the examination is completed, thus reducing turn-around time and errors.

  • Cardiac: 2D, M-Mode, Color doppler, PW, CW
  • Vascular: Complete Carotid Scan, Upper and Lower Venous Imaging,  Upper and Lower Arterial Imaging, and Segmental pressures
  • General: Complete Abdominal Ultrasounds, Complete OB and Gynecological Imaging


Payment for services rendered:

  • Can be billed directly to the patient or their insurance carrier.
  • or we can bill your practice a flat pre-established rate per each study performed.

All of our examinations are interpreted by Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists, and delivered back to your office in a timely manner. We will assist in setting up our services in your office, and we are willing to accommodate any personal preferences. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Patients choose us because of our compassionate care and affordable prices, and referring physicians return to us because of our reliable and professional services. We are dedicated to providing you with convenient and professional services that you can count on. We look forward to doing business with you.